Building Blocks

Spiritual Journey - Building BlocksHave you ever said, “After this happens (fill in the blank), everything will fall into place and I’ll be happy?”  It’s a basic human desire to put all the blocks in place so that our lives are secure and comfortable. But it doesn’t usually work.

Sometimes no matter how we line up the blocks, they fall through. Or maybe a block is missing from our set and we just can’t seem to find it. Either way, our dreams of a happy life on autopilot don’t materialize. Perhaps we’re setting our blocks in the wrong order?

How about placing the spiritual block first. When we do that, we have a firm foundation of peace and partnership with God. Then as we place the rest of the blocks, they’ll sit on a firm underpinning. Even if a few of them fall, the foundation still stands. Then, with God’s help, we can set the blocks again even firmer than before!

Is your spiritual building block in place?