Low Point

spiritual-living-low-pointIt’s easy to love family and friends when their lives are going great. Everything is cruising along, no problems in sight, and the horizon is sunny. So your job is pretty stress-free. Just walk with them, give a little encouragement, and celebrate their victories.

But what if there aren’t any victories? Suppose your friend is struggling, stuck, and can’t get it together? You might still love her, but maybe you might keep a little distance.

Suppose your family member’s struggles included you. Say you gave something precious into her keeping, maybe a lot of money. But she lost it and was devastated. Would you still love her or would you be angry and cut her off?

Perhaps the real test of the Christian life is to love someone at their lowest. It’s a challenge to believe in a person who has struggled and failed. But your acceptance and encouragement, however difficult, may just bring someone back from the lowest point in their life.

Could you do it?