Calvin and Lisa Wulf

It’s Me – Lisa!

“OK, Jesus! Come on down!”

As a child I had done a “paint by number” picture of Jesus. Every night I put the picture out and asked him to come and get it. Every morning it was still there. After about a week or so, I gave up and put it away.

My family was not into Christianity. Instead I was raised in a faith that promoted thoughtful dialogue and responsibility for oneself. But as time went on, I wanted more.

In my late thirties, I began to earnestly search for spiritual meaning in my life. For a while I flirted with New Age. But that didn’t do it for me either.

Professional Experience

I currently teach accounting online at the college level. It’s loads of fun!

I was elected twice to the Colorado Springs City Council and served eight years.

Before entering politics, I was a CPA for many years with my own accounting firm.

Originally a violinist, I played the viola for a decade in the Colorado Springs Symphony Orchestra.


Fuller Theological Seminary – Master of Arts in Theology

University of Colorado – Master of Public Administration

University of Colorado – Bachelor of Science in Business

One day, when I was a newly elected City Council member, my life changed. The mayor encouraged me to read a list of Bible verses. Several weeks later, on the day when daylight savings time ends, I had an extra hour and decided to go to church. I was hooked! I was back the next week and very rarely missed a Sunday after that.

Fast Forward Several Years

My husband, Calvin, and I have had a terrific time doing our ministry, “Living for God.” It was thrilling to see our articles appear in dozens of places including national publications like Pulpit Helps, The Lutheran Digest, Evangel, The Godly Business Woman, and Quaker Life.

It was fabulous to go around the country telling my spiritual story to women’s groups. Calvin and I also gave lots of retreats including “Living for God in a World that Doesn’t” and “Doing the Disciplines with Jesus and His Friends.”

And Now Today…

Calvin is still “Living for God,” but I am the “One Woman Sanctuary.” It’s been cool building up my own ministry including publishing a couple of books, with more on the way. I’ve enjoyed expressing my own faith life in a special, more feminine way.

In our personal devotional life, we are totally jazzed to be vowed oblates in the Order of Julian of Norwich.  As oblates in this Episcopalian order, our prayer practices are similar to those at the monastery. It has enriched our spiritual lives immensely.

Calvin and I have four children and are happy empty-nesters. We enjoy the mountain scenery at our Colorado home.

Fun Facts about Lisa

Chocolate cake is yummy, especially in a bowl covered with milk.

I love to sit cross-legged, even in restaurants!

As a child I had a pet burro. I named her Simone after a can-can dancer in a movie.

Spent a few years as a live radio talk show host. Fun but stressful!

Our hobby is keeping up with the wild gorillas in Africa. We know many by name.

We’re big time opera fans – especially the Met broadcasts in our local movie theater.

As a teenager, I fancied myself a wood nymph from Greek mythology – whimsical and free – running between the trees.