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On a Quest for Christ
Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey

Award-Winning Finalist in the “Religion: Christian Inspirational” category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards

Published by Spiritual Formation House

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-938042-00-3

ISBN Kindle: 978-1-938042-01-0

144 Pages
Published 2012

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This 30-day devotional traces your spiritual steps from the first whispers of faith to resting in God’s arms. Gentle questions guide the telling of your story as comforting scripture and prayers enrich your reflections.

The “Christ Quest Time Map” is a useful tool that helps you trace the path ahead as you look back on your journey. Recall and mark the critical points along your spiritual journey that shaped who you are today. Record times when Christ met you along the way. Then use this tool to help discern where God is directing you into the future.

Lisa tells her own story in a tender style that will touch you on a personal level. Reflecting on her life may give you insights into your own story, helping you trace the spiritual movements of your journey.

As you walk along with Lisa, let her guide you into places of healing and hope for your own spiritual quest. This book will refresh your soul and send you forward into the journey of a lifetime.

Interview Questions

Your book deals with the spiritual journey. Why did you call it a quest?

What parts of your story were the most difficult for you to include in your book?

How did you choose which episodes of your own quest to put in and which ones to leave out?

Why do you believe other people will relate to your story in a way that helps them understand their own quest?

Are there particular readers who could benefit most from your book?

What is the main take-away in this book for your readers?

Why do you think there is a drive for all things spiritual these days?

You say that you are a late-in-life convert, how did you become a Christ follower?

What advice do you have for people who are setting out on their own spiritual quest?

Your cover looks like the book is geared to women, how would men relate to this devotional?



“Your spiritual story is significant. Who you are makes a difference. It matters to you. It matters to me. In fact, it matters to the whole community of faith, both now and forever. The impact of your life is incalculable.”

“What is a quest? It is simply a journey toward a worthy goal, the seeking of a noble end. There’s a catch, though. Something as significant as the search for God is bound to run into obstacles and challenges. I have faced them, and I’m sure you have too.”

“Jesus tells us when we offer kindness to others, we are actually offering it to him. That means one of the most powerful ways to serve God is to serve those around us.”