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Enfolded in God’s Arms
40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing

Published by Spiritual Formation House

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-938042-02-7

ISBN Kindle: 978-1-938042-03-4

188 Pages
Published 2016

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The 40 reflections in this book offer up personal stories of wounds that cry out for healing. Each story illuminates the love of Jesus in everyday life. You will find tender scriptures, healing prayers, positive questions, and silent moments with God.

Lisa  Aré Wulf gently guides her readers on a journey to a sacred place in the heart where they can embrace inner healing from a lifetime of emotional and spiritual wounds. She guides the reader by the hand into the healing embrace of God.

The book is divided into seasons of a time to heal, a time to change, a time with Jesus, and a time to grow. Every season offers a new perspective of inner healing for the soul.

The author has a unique gift for opening hearts to receive the healing love of God. This new book, Enfolded in God’s Arms, will be followed by more devotionals like it in a series call Silent Moments with God. Her first book, On A Quest for Christ, was a finalist in the “Religion: Christian Inspirational” category of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards.

Interview Questions

What motivated you to write a devotional book on inner healing?

Are there any stories from your own life in your book?

Where do you get your ideas for the devotions that you write?

Who can benefit from the devotions in this book?

What are some takeaways for your readers?

How are your reflections organized to help your readers experience inner healing?

What kind of hints would you offer readers to help them get the most out of your book?

Can your book be used in a group?

Your book seems targeted to women. How could men benefit from it too?

Do you plan more books in the future?

What do you like about the imagery of silent moments with God?

Where can our listeners purchase your book?


In the midst of every trial, there are still flowers, songs, and poems waiting to be enjoyed.

God is able to look past our smudges and smears to see souls bathed in beauty.

Often what brings us closest to God is not the easy path, but the difficult one.

It’s a mistake to think we can’t do something wonderful tomorrow, just because we aren’t ready today.

If you need a new outlook on life, try opening a window. Watch the sunbeams shine through. Allow a gentle breeze to part the curtains and caress your face. Could the Holy Spirit be speaking to you?

How often do we obsess over our own issues and fail to notice the similar struggles of someone else? If we focus instead on reflecting Christ to others, real healing begins – for all of us.

As each of us travels our sometimes smooth and sometimes rock path, Jesus is our constant companion – a friend who never wavers, who always guides and encourages us.