Gotta Have It!

god-questions-gotta-have-itI heard this the other day.  “Too many of us spend money we don’t have on stuff that we don’t want to impress people we don’t care about.” Wow! Can you relate?

It seems that our economy is based on convincing us that we should buy more than we really need. Somehow we end up believing that we are deprived if we don’t own all the latest gadgets. Plus, what will people think if we can’t flaunt the newest technology? Of course, we’re completely ignoring our dwindling bank balance! But is this the wisest use of our money?

Perhaps we need a change of perspective. A simpler lifestyle might be in order.  After all, it takes a ton of time to manage all of this buying and owning. Would God say this is the best use of our resources? Since they ultimately come from him, it’s possible that he has a completely different plan for us. Maybe it’s time to ask him!

What about your spending?