Super Hero?

Finding Inner Peace - Super Hero?What is your day like? Is it spent doing a job that’s boring and routine? Perhaps it’s taken up with a list of household chores. Or maybe taking care of others consumes our time. But we often ask, “Is this all there is?”

Sometimes – in fact most of the time – I long to make a difference and do something super important. I’d like to be remembered through the ages for a fantastic contribution to society. But how realistic is that? And would Jesus really want that for me? Probably not.

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that we often serve God best in the ordinary areas of life. There are very few super heroes. But millions are living each day, doing their best to help others, excelling at their work, and setting the best example they can.

God asks us to be faithful in the small things. So just imagine millions of us serving God in humility. What a powerful tidal wave we could create!

How are you serving?