On a Quest for Christ

Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey

Second Edition

Open the door to new spiritual growth! Experience healing and hope as you shine a light on your faith journey with this award-winning 30-day devotional for women.

Trace your spiritual footsteps, from the first whispers of faith to resting in God’s arms, as you:

• Find Christ at critical points in your life
• Increase your own spiritual self-awareness
• Enjoy helpful insights and encouragement

Receive deep spiritual awareness through comforting scriptures, heart-felt prayers, and intimate stories from the author’s own personal journey.

Reflect on your Christian life experience through your personal “Christ Quest Time Map.”

This second edition includes tips to get the most out of this daily devotional, plus a four-week small group study guide. It’s also great for Lent, other seasonal reading, or as a Christian self-help reflection.

On a Quest for Christ was a USA Best Book Awards finalist.

As author Rev. Howard Baker says, “The quest for Christ, like any worthwhile journey, requires a map and a guide. Lisa provides both in this tender yet sturdy devotional. Proving that what is most personal is most universal, she employs her story to evoke the unique Jesus story in each reader’s life.”

Let this book refresh your soul and send you forward into the journey of a lifetime.

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On a Quest for Christ - Lisa Are Wulf

Published by Spiritual Formation House
ISBN Paperback – 978-1-938042-04-1
ISBN Hardcover – 978-1-938042-06-5
ISBN Kindle – 978-1-938042-05-8
ISBN E-book – 978-1-938042-08-9

What They’re Saying

“I felt Lisa’s loving, calm, and soothing voice as I read the devotionals. Documenting our life stories can be intimidating, but Lisa gently and prayerfully leads readers on the journey. She tells stories I related to—as would many others. Her carefully-crafted prayers show her sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the delicacy of each person’s sacred journey.” Daphne Tarango

“Her writing comes through so authentically, and her stories draw you in and are relatable. It really makes you feel as though you have a companion on this journey, someone who may have stumbled and fallen at some point but who made it through. It is very encouraging to feel that someone else is in this with you.”  Anna-Liisa Mullis

“Lisa’s book moved me to tears and laughter, reflection and thanksgiving. It provided a glimpse into my own story, and a hope that all who read it will go deeper into their souls to reach ever higher as the beautiful beloved of God our Savior.” — Judy Downing