"Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes." Luke 12:23 (NIV)
“Life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.” Luke 12:23 (NIV)

Top Ten Must Haves

“Hi! What’s up?” she asks, cradling the phone on her shoulder as she types.

“Come with me tonight. They’re modeling all the latest fashions at the mall,” coaxes her friend. “It’s their Top Ten Must Haves for the Season.”

“Hey, that sounds great. My stuff is just so drab and I look positively anemic. I need a fashion pick-me-up.”

“Well then, let’s get ready for some serious shopping!”

Appearance is everything. Unless we look good we don’t feel on top of our game. Trendy scarves or a sharp tie put a winning spin on our serve. Who dares leave home without the latest accessory? After all, we don’t want the fashion police posting our picture on the Internet.

Whatever is new, whatever is cool, whatever is vogue – let us think upon these things. We can’t possibly live with last year’s must haves. In catering to our desires, one local chain store boasts 100,000 pairs of shoes in stock. But what about those who don’t have any shoes?

If our closets are packed to the limit and we’re still out buying new things, what does that say about us? Perhaps we don’t really need all this stuff. Maybe a better strategy is to keep our material consumption to what is truly necessary.

Jesus has a lot to say about charity and simplicity. He asks us to help others. He asks us to live simple lives. Perhaps charity and simplicity are the only true must haves for anyone who chooses to follow Christ.
Want to try lightening your load? Here’s how:

  • Think first. Do you really need more stuff or do you already have enough?
  • Consider others. Donate your unused shopping money to charity.
  • Try a completely new look. Let God be your fashion consultant.

Is it time to clean out your closet? Are you ready to dump your must haves? It’s not easy. It’s counter culture. But God is on the move. If you want to catch him, you’ll have to travel light.

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