Pull Up Your Socks

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-help-pull-up-your-socksAre you like me? You think you know what Jesus has called you to do. But either you doubt your own abilities, or you think you didn’t really hear God, or you’ve decided your efforts won’t succeed anyway, so why try?

This is an ongoing struggle for people of faith. We have an inkling of our calling, but how can we be sure? Is it just vanity on our part, wanting to be seen “doing ministry?” Or do we ignore the gifts we do have in favor of those we wish we had. Or are we convinced we can’t do this job, and even if we did do it, who would care?

I spoke recently with a trusted spiritual advisor. She said neglecting to fulfill a calling because of uncertainty is worse than doing what we’re not called to do. So is it time to pull up our socks and get with God’s program, even if we’re unsure?

What do you think?