It’s Free!

Spiritual Help - It's FreeLooking for a way to make a difference? Perhaps you see pressing problems in the world and you’d like to help. Or maybe there are issues you feel passionate about and want to get involved. But you look at your time and finances and decide there’s no way.

Think again. There is something you can do. Encouragement costs you nothing and can help a hurting soul. It doesn’t even need to be anything specific or special. Sometimes just telling a sales clerk that she’s doing good work is enough, especially if she’s new on the job and flustered.

I know a man whose goal is to be a blessing to everyone he meets. When people see him they feel honored and respected, no matter what their circumstances. I believe they actually see Christ reflected through him.

So is it time to begin scattering encouragement wherever you go? It’s free and I’ll bet God will be smiling!

Who can you encourage today?