Tricks of the Trade

god-questions-at-your-serviceLet’s hear it for fortune cookies! Who hasn’t gleaned at least a kernel of wisdom from these sweet gems? Recently Calvin and I visited our favorite Chinese restaurant. My fortune said, “If you keep too busy learning the tricks of the trade, you may never learn the trade.”

Wow. I don’t know if the all-powerful fortune cookie writer across the sea realized that he or she was actually dispensing spiritual advice. But that’s exactly what it is since many of us work incredibly hard at our Christian lives. We go to church, do Bible study, read theology, and attend prayer meetings. And don’t forget about teaching Sunday school, organizing the church picnic and singing in the choir. Whew!

But even as we perfect the “tools” of our spiritual lives, could we be overlooking the main reason for our devotion – being together  with Jesus? It’s possible. So rather than trying to fit in even more activities, why not consider a change of focus. Try slowing down and remember to keep the main thing the main thing!

Your thoughts?