Buying Dishes

spiritual-help-buying-dishesSimplicity is a tough virtue, especially in our buy, buy, buy culture.  Making a decision not to buy can feel conflicting.

Lately I’ve been pondering dishes.  We have a nice white set that we use every day. We also have my grandmother’s dishes, but I’m giving them away since they aren’t really appropriate for us, plus we want to downsize. But sometimes we need an extra plate or two for company. So I found a cute white set on a Thanksgiving sale.

Then I realized the new set has 24 bowls and a lot of other pieces we don’t need, which would clutter up our house again. So we bought four plates in our original pattern instead.  But I felt sad knowing I wouldn’t be unwrapping lots of new stuff!

I have an actual vow of simplicity. Even so, it can be a tough choice – but a necessary one. Guess we need to remember that when we clear away the clutter, it’s often just that much easier to see God!

What’s your simplicity struggle?