A Gift from Jesus

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-devotions-a-gift-from-jesusGod gives each of us a special gift – often more than one.  It could be an unusual talent or a deep spiritual awareness – just something that brings us joy. But do we really believe it? I know I struggled for years thinking I had no special gifts. Maybe God just forgot me.

Lately I’ve realized that I do have a special gift from Jesus that gives me great joy. I have perfect pitch – which means that I can recognize and name any musical tone instantly. So all of the notes are my special friends and I love meeting each of them in the timeless music of the classics.

So what is your gift – the one that brings you delight? You may say you don’t have one. Or maybe you have a gift but somehow feel it’s not worthy.  Thank again.  There is something in the uniqueness of you that is special. It makes you smile – and God too!

What’s your special gift?