Road to Simplicity

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-road-to-simplicityDo you long for a simpler life – one without so many possessions and obligations? Sounds restful and idyllic. But as a practical matter, getting there is not so easy!

Picture yourself walking in search of your scaled back life, passing blocks of shops screaming to sell you stuff, noisy intersections filled with the latest model cars, and media everywhere defining you by what you own and the entertainment you watch.   How will you get through the maze of materialism? Emerging from a culture of greed and superficiality is not an easy task!

Leaving all this behind may seem like a radical change. But ponder these questions: Who are you really – the sum of your stuff or a child beloved of God?  Does the noise of materialism distract you from a deeper spiritual life?

Down through the ages, Christians have set aside worldly wealth to focus their attention on God.  Perhaps that’s your path too.

What are your simplicity challenges?