Laundry Boycott

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-laundry-boycottAre you like me – totally focused on the call you’ve received from God?  The last thing you want is to be distracted by trivial, mundane tasks when such vital work is at stake. So you just close your eyes and ignore them as long as you can.

Yup – this can be a problem!  There aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the important stuff. That’s why I tend to let everything else slide – like the laundry. But could this be a spiritual issue?

We can’t boycott the laundry forever – or any of those other really boring jobs. But there is something to be said for creating a sense of stability and calm in our environment – a personal sanctuary.

One answer is to include Jesus as we slowly and purposefully do our humdrum chores. With him by our side, we can turn even the laundry into a spiritual experience. Then it won’t be so bad!

What do you think?