Enough is Enough

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-enough-is-enoughHow much is enough? I’m talking about stuff – possessions, money, whatever! How do we know when we have enough? Somehow it seems like enough is always just a little bit more than what we already have. So we never actually have enough.

These days it’s almost un-American to suggest that we don’t need so much stuff. Of course I understand that if the economy sinks, everyone goes down with it. But I believe many of us cross a spiritual boundary here without even thinking about it.

What does it say about our relationship with God when we never have quite enough and fall just a bit short of what we think we need? If we’re always on the lookout for a little more stuff, we’re walking away from the spiritual richness of a simple life. When we truly love and trust God, whatever he provides is enough.

How much is enough for you?