Tiny Victories

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-journey-tiny-victoriesThis challenge just keeps popping up for me. Maybe for you too!  As Christians we know we are saved by faith. But what about our daily lives? Some would have us believe that the Christian life is problem-free and we just go from victory to victory. But how realistic is that? Is living for God an endless holiday? Not likely.  Actually it’s hard work, plain and simple.

Conversion of life is the issue.  In other words, if we’re really following Jesus, we would strive to live a little better life each day than the day before. But that’s tough. None of us is perfect and too often our flaws get the upper hand.

Life is a challenge, especially when new problems seem to crop up every day. So we are continually adjusting our conversion of life tactics in order to deal with them. Maybe living for God is really about little bitty tiny victories on our road to becoming more like Christ.

What do you think?