Where Are You?

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-devotions-where-are-youHer racket slams the tennis ball. Bam! It hurls across the court and back again, over and over. Wow! She’s really concentrating on her game. But no, in her other hand she’s juggling her cell phone, never dropping a sentence in her conversation!

Sound familiar? These days it seems like everyone is somewhere else. We may look like we’re here, but our attention is focused elsewhere. Our media driven world allows us to be here and there all at the same time. So where are we exactly?

When our culture encourages us to be somewhere else, it’s hard to be present – even to ourselves. It feels downright scary to just stand still and be who we are where we are. But unless we do, we probably won’t grow much spiritually. After all, real relationships are built on depth, not distractions. Perhaps it’s time to come back and just “be” with God.

Where are you?