Opportunity Knocks

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-journey-opportunity-knocksDo you ever put your dreams on hold waiting for just the right opportunity?  Even if it comes, how will you recognize it?  Or worse, are you not even sure what a good opportunity is?

I was reading the newspaper some time ago and there was a quote from Jeanna Wearing who runs the classical music radio station here in Colorado Springs.  She said, “You seize the opportunities that you have.”

Hmmmm…maybe I don’t have to wait for the perfect day to do ministry.  Maybe I don’t have to wait for the perfect ministry venue.  Maybe God is handing me his choice assignment for me right now.  All I have to do is “do it!”

It’s a comforting thought.  So as they say, “Let’s Get Moving!”

What do you think?  Do you struggle with this?