Giving or Getting

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-giving-or-gettingAre you a giver or a getter?  I heard that question once in church.  The pastor wanted to know how many people were there to get something out of church.  Lots of hands went up.  Then he asked how many were there to give something.  Only a few arms were raised in the air.

So I started thinking.  We all want blessings from God.  We all want the good things that he has to give us.  We all ask him daily to help us with our needs and struggles.  But something’s missing.

What about giving?  I don’t mean just giving money.  What about giving of ourselves?  I believe it has been said that we are the hands and feet of Jesus since he doesn’t have any now.  So when we’re giving, are we not reflecting him to the hurting world that needs him?

I have several pictures of Jesus and my favorite one is of him rising out of a communion cup.  It’s called the “Bread of Life.”  The reason I like it is because I hope to have my life reflect this picture.  I like to think of myself as figuratively serving communion, or the body and blood, to each person I meet.  I’m not always very good at it, and sometimes I fail miserably.  But that’s my goal.

So what are you looking for in your faith life?  Receiving from God is certainly good and edifying.  But what are you giving?  That’s a tough question.  Sometimes we don’t think we have anything to offer.  Sometimes we’re too worn out to give.  Sometimes we just want to look the other way.  But is that true holiness?  What do you think?