Those Pesky Logs

God Questions - Those Pesky LogsWhy is it that other people’s issues and weaknesses are so easy for us to spot, but we’re oblivious about our own? I know I struggle with this – and maybe you do too.

We all have friends and family that we adore and think are great! But we also recognize that everyone has challenges and our special folks are no exception. We see their “flaws” but we make allowance for them because we love them.

But when it comes to our own issues, we’re clueless and have no idea how we come across to other people. The funny thing is that they can clearly see OUR challenges!

This reminds me of the Bible verse about taking the log out of our eye so we can see the speck in someone else’s, but it’s just a little different. Is it time to ask God for the same level of discernment about ourselves that we apparently have about everyone else?

Any thoughts?