Too Loud!

spiritual-help-too-loudRecently I heard a story about a choir rehearsal. The director told the singers, “If you can’t hear the person next to you, you’re too loud.” Great advice for singers –and everyone else!

You’ve probably had conversations with men and women who talk non-stop about themselves. So they never “hear” anyone else since they’re making so much noise. But the other person has a unique story – one that definitely needs to be heard. But it’s drowned out so the quiet person is lost.

What does this say about our Christian lives? Are we called to let everyone know all about us and how great we are? Or are we to selflessly serve others, putting their interests above our own?

Perhaps the quiet person has faced tragic circumstances and needs a listening ear. Or maybe he or she has a depth of character that would inspire any who heard. Sounds like it’s time to tone down and listen!

Can you relate?