My Proof!

god-questions-proofEveryone wants to matter. In their own way, they want to know that they’ve done a good job during their time on earth and made a difference.

Recently I came across boxes filled with our newspaper and magazine articles that had been published through the years. I also found a box with three years of cassette tapes from my 1990’s radio show.

I didn’t know what to do. If I threw them away, I couldn’t prove my accomplishments. But honestly, who is going to care about a bunch of old newspapers and tapes when I’m gone? I finally realized that the value was in the people who were helped at the time. I ended up tossing them – just keeping a few as souvenirs.

So what was I thinking – that I’d hand Jesus a bunch of tapes after I die as proof of my worth? On some level – yes!  This little exercise showed me how far I still have to go in appropriating God’s love to my life.  A challenging lesson!

Where is your struggle?