What Don’t You See?

god-questions-what-dont-you-seeAre you a perceptive person? Are you fairly aware of what’s going on around you? Do you notice the details of your surroundings? I think we all pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our little piece of the world. But perhaps some things are hidden from our sight.

A friend recently mentioned that as a child she often visited the south and remembered the water fountains that were set aside for “colored folk.” She just looked right past them, never stopping to consider what they signified to both blacks and whites. The fountains just “were.” There was nothing to do and nothing more to see.

Remember all those stories about Jesus healing the blind and helping them see clearly? We’re actually no different. With him as our guide, we can start to see clearly what was shrouded before. Placing our trust in him, we can find the courage to bring to light what has been hidden and restore what has been broken.

What aren’t you seeing?