Losing – Chapter 21 – On a Quest for Christ

spiritual-journey-chapter-21-losingHope you enjoy this excerpt!

What have you lost? The longer we live, the more likely we are to lose something that matters to us. Some of us are only lightly touched by loss. Others bear great sorrow through significant, gut-wrenching pain. Yet loss visits us all.

One of the hardest losses to bear is the rejection of a loved one. Perhaps that’s because this person knows us intimately, but now chooses to be with us no longer. When the depths of our souls have been revealed in relationship, any parting of the ways cuts to the core of our existence.

A great loss can spin our world out of control. Our anchor is gone and we’re cast into space. Many times we don’t understand why. We just know the hurt is overwhelming. Still, when we open our eyes and survey the wreckage, a familiar figure sits perched on the ruins, beckoning us near.

Jesus was no stranger to pain and loss. He suffered just as we do. But there’s one loss he has promised will never happen—the loss of those who belong to him. He protects all the sheep in his fold. He binds up the wounds of those who are hurt. He heals all the bruises and gashes of life. The loving shepherd tends his flock.