The Missing Garden Bench

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-devotions-the-missing-garden-bench-2At our church, we have a lovely garden bench that sits on a small stone pavement in the midst of a tall wildflower collection.  A narrow road runs past and often the flowers almost hide the little bench.  It’s a peaceful place to sit and contemplate the beauty of God’s creation.

Recently I looked out the church window and the bench was gone.  The beautiful wildflowers were cut back to the ground and all that remained was the bare stone pavement. The season had changed and now it was fall. Even so, something was missing.

Is this how it will feel to others when we pass away to the arms of God?  Those who knew us will remember who we were and how we added to the landscape of their world.  Our place may be gone, the bench of our lives may be missing and all the flowers pruned away.  But those who loved us will remember.

How will it be when you are gone?