By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-serversA friend recently reminded me of something my former pastor said. “I don’t care how loudly you are singing this morning, or how high your arms are raised, or how vigorously you say ‘Amen!’ during my sermon. None of these are indications of how good a Christian you are. The best indication is how you treat your server at lunch once you leave here.”

My husband and I have an informal ministry to servers at our favorite restaurants. We know many of their names and we listen as they tell about their lives. The shy ones always get a wave and a smile. We’ve even slipped our server friends some money when they were in need.

Christians can sometimes be self-absorbed and concerned only about their own religious experience. But Jesus says that when we reach out to help a struggling person, we’re also reaching out to him.  If he has a special concern for those in difficult circumstances, how can we do less?

Are you reaching out?