Forsaking – Chapter 17 – On a Quest for Christ

spiritual-journey-chapter-17-forsakingHope you enjoy this excerpt!

A radical devotion to Christ—oneness with him—demands purity of heart. For most of us, our lives miss the mark by a mile. Perhaps we hold onto bad habits. Maybe our relationships don’t honor Jesus. Either way, the time will come when we are called to forsake the things of the past and walk in faith toward God.

Forsaking is a double-edged sword. Sure, we understand our lives will change as we follow Christ. Still, leaving the old behind and walking toward the new can be a lonely road. If we must venture away from life as we know it, we need a Savior’s hand to hold.

Letting go is never easy. Long held habits and thought patterns continue to intrude into our new lives. The possibility of altered relationships with our loved ones wrenches our very souls. Only the promise of a deepening connection with Jesus gives us the strength to do what he asks.

As we move closer to God and further from our old lives, he extends his hand to us. He gently helps us to safely cross the stream of trials before us. He lifts us in his arms to protect and shield us. His light glistens ahead as we walk ever closer to him.