God’s Orchestra

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-devotions-gods-orchestraHave you ever been to an orchestra concert?  If you sit up close, you can see the interplay of the instruments.  Perhaps the violins catch the melody first, and then the flutes might take it. Underneath the drums are keeping time as the trumpets chime in at the climax.

There’s a similarity in our lives. Some people stay with us forever. Others appear only for a season. Some live in the same place for years. Others frequently move. Sometimes these different strands feel good. But other times we feel a sense of loss when important people and places are no longer with us.

Perhaps we are part of God’s orchestra.  He weaves certain people and places into our lives.  Then sometimes he weaves them back out again. The melodies change. Some are loud and boisterous. Some are barely above a whisper. But through it all, God brings forth a beautiful sound.

What’s going on in your part of God’s orchestra?