Turning Point

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-spiritual-growth-turning-pointHave you ever believed something so strongly that you never thought anything could change your mind?  Perhaps it was a conviction from childhood, or maybe a point of view you acquired later. But suddenly your position reversed.  You saw the situation with new eyes and everything changed.

Recently a friend shared her story. She had been brought up with strong beliefs about certain people.  When she actually met them, those convictions were shattered.  She saw those folks for who they really were and her beliefs changed in an instant.

Perhaps this is how Jesus works. He allows us to go along the path we’ve chosen, with opinions we’ve gathered through our lives. But then he brings us face to face with the reality of those thoughts. Suddenly his perspective looms before us.

When that happens, what will we do?  Will we open our eyes to see as he sees?  And what will change as a result?  Maybe everything!

What do you see now that you didn’t before?