Christ’s Treasures

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-christs-treasuresThe early church had a ton of inspiring people. Recently I read about Laurence, a martyr.  His story raises an interesting question for today’s Christian.

Laurence was a deacon in the church. During a severe persecution, the Roman authorities demanded information about the church’s treasures. Apparently they thought the small band of believers was quite wealthy.  So Laurence brought together the poor and the sick that he ministered to. He presented them to the authorities and said, “These are the treasures of the church.” He was then roasted alive in the year 258.

Are the poor and sick still our “treasures?” Sometimes they are. But in too many cases, they are forgotten.  Even worse, they are often cast aside as unworthy. What happened?  Could it be that some of us have become too individualistic and self-focused?

The earliest Christians lived out the gospel, even in martyrdom. Is it time to shift the spotlight and see the poor and sick in a different way – an ancient way?

What do you think?