The Safe Middle

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

god-questions-the-safe-middleWhen it comes to your Christian faith – where do you stand? No, I’m not asking you to rattle off your doctrinal position. I don’t really even care what denomination you subscribe to. No, I’m asking how you live out your beliefs. Where do you stand?

A remark at a recent seminar grabbed my attention. Too many of us are content to live in the “safe middle.” We believe and belong but we don’t actually have to DO anything. We just sign our names on the dotted line as Christians. Then we can safely hide. Nothing is required of us – nothing is necessary. We can just smile and be happy.

But Jesus didn’t stay in the safe middle. Neither did the holy people of the past. Sometimes they walked a difficult path. Their lives were often filled with sacrifice – but also great joy. In short, they were truly living for God.

Are you in the safe middle?