Simple Steps

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-simple-stepsWhat do ballet and the spiritual life have in common? You’d probably say “nothing!” But let’s dig a little deeper.  I believe they share one very special quality.

Since I love both music and dance, I was recently watching a performance of the Nutcracker, always a favorite.  What really caught my eye this time was the simplicity of the dance steps.  At first glance, the ballet looked complicated, but as I watched I noticed that much of it was merely a combination of simple dance steps, sometimes performed over and over.

Are our spiritual lives like this too – just a series of simple steps that we do over and over?  Perhaps it is a short prayer that we often say during the day. Maybe it’s a special quiet time that we share only with God. Whatever our practice, it doesn’t need to be fancy or complicated.  Who knows – maybe right now God is watching our simple devotion with the tenderest of smiles!

What are your simple steps?