At Your Service

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

god-questions-at-your-serviceIt’s so easy to get caught up in serving God. No matter what our interests and talents, there are countless ways to join in. Between teaching Bible studies and dishing out food at the soup kitchen, our calendars fill up and we feel great. After all, we’re serving God and making a difference.

This is all well and good and I’m sure God appreciates it. But there’s a difference between being committed to God and being committed to our service for God. It’s all too common to devote ourselves to “Godly” activities and completely miss the reason for our service – Jesus Christ.

I struggle with this and I’m not alone. There’s always the urge to “do a little more for God.” But this kind of “doing” could actually be more about us than him. So if we really want to show our devotion, maybe it’s time to shift our focus and strike a better balance.

What do you say?