Searching – Chapter 9 – On a Quest for Christ

christian-spiritual-growth-chapter-9-searchingHope you enjoy this excerpt!

What is lost must be found. But suppose we don’t even realize it’s lost. Perhaps we just feel deep inside that something’s missing. There’s a hole, but we have no idea how to fill it.

Often we find the missing piece by trial and error. We go one way and the door closes. We go another and the latch is locked tight. We keep turning knobs until one miraculously releases. Then we walk into a room where we’ve never been before.

Sometimes we have no idea what we’re looking for. All we know is we have to find it, so the hunt begins. Some of us search in books. Others look to healthy living. Many turn to movies and television. If we’re truly seeking to fill the emptiness, in the end we will be looking for God.

Still, finding him can be like driving through a dense fog. Even with our headlights on, we see only a few feet ahead. Yet with every mile we travel, the road ahead gets a little clearer. Eventually the fog will lift, and we’ll spot Jesus waiting just around the bend.