Bling Bling

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

Wchristian-spiritual-growth-bling-blinghat’s it like to be a pre-teen American girl today? I recently saw a couple of media clips that made me wonder. Both featured girls shopping for all the latest “stuff.” One said that if she didn’t get the right clothes from the right stores, ugly rumors would spread at school and that would be bad.

Now fast forward 30 or 40 years. If these girls are taught that their highest value is to buy, own, and display stuff, how will it affect their lives? More specifically, what about their souls? My guess is that they will endure an emptiness at the core that possessions just can’t fill.

It’s sad to think that today’s young girls are being set up by society for serious spiritual struggles down the road. Of course, nobody is immune to problems. But from a Christian standpoint, isn’t feeding their souls more important than filling their shopping bags?

What do you think?