Walking Uphill

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-journey-walking-uphill“It’s all downhill from here.” Who hasn’t said that? Maybe we’ve worked hard at something and even seen progress. So we say the worst is over and now we can coast. After all, walking uphill is tiring and we’re glad to reach the crest of the mountain so we can stroll downhill again.

Well, that’s a fair statement – for everyday tasks. But when it comes to our spiritual lives, how true is it? Imagine saying, “I have the drill down pat. I’ve mastered the Bible and prayer. So I’ll just slack off since I’m on the downhill side and I’ve got it made with God!”

Of course that’s preposterous. On the spiritual path there is no easy downhill road. True, sometimes we’re laid low and God meets us there. And sometime we’re triumphant and he’s there too.  But all in all, the Christian life faces upward, not down. We walk toward the light streaming from above.