Making Choices

by Lisa Are Wulf ~

god-questions-making-choicesWe all make lots of choices every day – both good and bad. God also makes choices – all good. So what’s different about all these possibilities?

First, we choose how we treat others. Are we people with no “give,” who are judgmental and never extend grace to others unless it’s to our benefit? Or are we compassionate and filled with mercy for others and ourselves?

Every day brings choices about God too. We can make a conscious decision to walk away from him. Each step puts us more and more firmly on the path of separation. Or we can make an equally deliberate choice to walk in his direction, growing ever closer.

And what are God’s choices? Because his nature is love, he basically has one – to forgive and welcome us back, no matter what.

So, each of us holds our fate squarely in our own hands. Which way are we turning? What will we become?

What about you?