By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-claustrophobiaIs your faith strong enough to live underground for years – literally? Good question! Recently I saw a video about a region in Turkey called Cappadocia. Apparently during the couple of centuries right after Christ, people did just that!

It was too dangerous for Christians in the area at this time to live above ground. So they built around 40 different cities – all underground. Some were terraced one above the other. There were big rocks that sealed the entrances and well-disguised shafts going to the top in order to have enough air. They even had the most beautifully decorated “churches” where they worshiped. But, alas, no windows – not like the picture in this post!

It all seems amazing to me. Could I really live my life completely underground? Could I stand the claustrophobia of such a confined space?  These people must have had an amazing faith and also a complete trust in God.

To tell you the truth, this would be  a struggle for me. What about you?