Planting Seeds

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-planting-seedsWhat’s good about getting older?  At my age I suppose I’m starting the long downhill slide into eternity.  But one of the best things about aging is perspective.  I now have the first-hand ability to remember when seeds were planted and to watch how they grew.

No, I’m not talking about real seeds.  Actually, I’m a pretty pitiful gardener.  I’m talking about seeds in people’s lives.  They could be seeds of faith, seeds of anticipation, even seeds of transformation.  They might grow quickly.  They might take 40 years.  But it all goes back to those seeds.

So the question is…what seeds are we planting today?  Do we plant a seed of faith for others by how we live?  Do our prayers begin a germination process in a lonely life?  Do we trust God enough to plant a seed today, knowing it may not sprout till years later?

Looking back through your life, where are the seeds you planted?

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