It’s My Right!

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

good-questions-its-my-rightDo you have any rights? Hmmm…that’s a silly question. Of course you do. For example you have the right to equality under the law. You also have personal rights, such as the freedom to say “no” and to be treated with respect.

Even in theology we see no inequity. Everyone is made in the image of God and Jesus came to save all who believe. There’s even a Bible story about a rich man and a poor man at a meeting. Each is to be treated the same. But there’s another question here.

Truly serving God can involve setting ourselves aside. Does that include the rights we so cherish? Tough question! Our rights help shape us as individuals and protect our fragile selves. But what if they seem to interfere with a greater purpose? Living without them seems scary. Where is the balance between our rights and God?

The answer isn’t always obvious. Could you do it?