I Don’t Wanna Do It!

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-devotions-I-dont-wanna-do-itIs there such a thing as the spiritual discipline of doing something you don’t really want to do? I’m not talking about activities we know are good for us but don’t always get around to doing – like prayer and reading the Bible. This is different.

Some time ago I agreed to do something that I really wasn’t all that interested in. And the closer it got, the more I didn’t want to do it. It was actually a worthwhile task and I was well qualified to do it. But I sensed some resentment creeping into my thoughts.

The world tells us to do what we enjoy and forget the rest. But this is a question of serving Christ. If I’m able and gifted for a task, should I do it even though I don’t particularly want to? Or should I turn down stuff like this and just concentrate on what I’d like to do?

What do you suppose God thinks?