By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual-living-slackerWhy does surfing the net seem ever so much more amusing than prayer?  Why does working in the office feel more attractive than talking with God?  Why does doing just about anything rank ahead of a moment of tranquility?

Even though Calvin and I maintain a pretty rigorous prayer discipline, I’m trying to start carving out a few extra minutes during the day to turn my attention back to God. That way I can make sure I’m on track and we (God and I) are still together!

Only sometimes the end of the day comes and my plan is in the dust.  So I promise myself to do better tomorrow. But then I get caught up in stuff again and tomorrow doesn’t always turn out better than today.

Actually, it’s really not as bad as it sounds. But I’m struggling a bit to make this a consistent habit. Do I need an alarm clock? What do you think?