Telling the Truth

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

christian-spiritual-growth-telling-the-truthAre you ever tempted to sugar-coat a situation? I think we’ve all been there. But sometimes it’s best to just tell the truth.

I read an article about two gravely ill newborns that died shortly after birth. In the first case, the doctors wanted to encourage the parents that everything was fine. When their baby suddenly passed away, they were devastated.

The doctors were truthful with the second parents about their baby’s condition. These parents took their baby outside for a short time to feel the warm sun, the cool grass, and taste ice cream. Afterward,  the mother was glad that she knew the truth so her son could have these experiences before he died.

So what’s the lesson here? Sometimes we just need to tell the truth – however difficult it is. That way others can make reasonable decisions instead of clinging to false hope. Plus, my guess is that God would want it that way too!

What’s your experience?

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