A Leader Always Does the Right Thing

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

Living-for-God-leaders-do-the-right-thingIIn my earlier life, I served on the Colorado Springs City Council.  During those political years, one individual stands out from all the rest – a person who lived out the Christian faith.

An elderly black Christian gentleman used to come to City Council occasionally to give us his perspective on the issues.  I remember two things very clearly about him.  First, whenever he came to the podium, he spoke kindly and encouraged us.  He was so different from the usual angry citizen.

But more importantly, every time he spoke on an issue he ended with this thought.  “A leader always does the right thing.”  I’ve never forgotten that.  A leader doesn’t do the expedient thing or the popular thing.  A true leader does the right thing – whatever that is.

What about you?  Have you ever had to do the right thing at some cost to yourself?