Every Day Counts

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-every-day-countsSome days just seem to end before they even get started.  Maybe something unpleasant happens.  Perhaps we get some bad news.  Sometimes we just wake up with a fuzzy mind.  But whatever the cause, when it happens to me, I just want to forget about today and start over again tomorrow.

Bad idea.  It’s a waste of time.  I happened to hear a TV personality, I think it was Dr. Phil, say recently that he is at the age where he can count the rest of his life in months.  Hmmm… I think I’m there too.  So every day that’s thrown away is a fraction of a month that’s lost.  With the end looming in sight, even though it could be 30 years, I don’t want to lose any more time.

But even worse than that, it’s a waste of purpose.  Why am I here at this time and place?  Is it to have fun?  Is it to make a lot of money?  Is it to be famous and admired?  Well, that would be cool – but those answers aren’t quite right. Perhaps my purpose is to reflect God to others.  If I take a day off, he isn’t any less radiant.  But others might not see him quite as clearly, at least not in my life.

Christianity has survived for 2000 years because God wants it to.  But beyond that, it has also survived and grown because of those who have put one foot in front of another every day for thousands of years.  What if they had slacked off?

The daily work of God isn’t always about activity and getting things done.  Maybe it’s about reflecting him to others, lending a hand or an ear to those in need.  Sometimes it’s just resting in his presence.  But every day that we write off is a day lost to God.

What do you think?  Are you ever tempted to just chuck it today and try again tomorrow?