Pass It On

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

spiritual journey pass it onHave you ever seen the movie “Amistad?”  I believe it’s a Spielberg movie from about 10 years ago or so.  It tells the true story of a group of Africans whose slave trial goes to the Supreme Court in the 1830’s.  There is a scene where one of the Africans talks about his ancestors with former president John Quincy Adams.  The African remarks that he must call up their strength to help him through the trial because he is the whole reason that they existed at all.

Even though I don’t follow ancient African traditions, I’ve always been taken by this scene.  There’s a strong word here for us.  What we do today matters.  What we do during our lifetime matters.

Look at it this way.  We’re the ones carrying the torch of faith right now.  This same torch has been carried for 2000 years and now it’s our turn.  If we carry it well, Christianity moves to new generations.  If we’re slackers, they won’t receive what we did.

We’re on the stage of history right now and, in a sense, the African is right.   Faithful actions and prayers down through the centuries are pointing to us today.  From our limited human perspective, everything they did has culminated in our lives today.

So how will we handle it?  The Bible talks about the cloud of witnesses who are watching us run our race.  Will we dilly-dally on the race course?  Will we be distracted and wander off the track?  Or will we run the race that is marked out for us?  Will we pass on the faith that our ancestors passed to us?

What do you think?