Acting, Loving and Walking

By Lisa Are Wulf ~

living-for-god-acting-loving-and-walkingActing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly.  Some time ago I received the alumni magazine from Fuller Theological Seminary.  There on the cover were these words from scripture.  I confess I only scanned the articles, but I was obsessed with the cover and have kept it on my desk for months.

So what does it mean to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly?  This is a big challenge in my spiritual life.  Being a person with some prophetic gift, I’m pretty good at standing up for justice.  In fact, standing is something that’s always fascinated me.  I love movies where someone is standing up for something important.  I confess, though, that when faced personally with the injustice of others, I don’t always stand up for myself.

Walking humbly isn’t too hard for me either.  (Now that doesn’t sound humble does it?)  Anyway, although I used to be a leader in the limelight, I’m content to work quietly at my ministry and don’t crave attention.  Extravagant lifestyle isn’t really a problem either since I don’t care much about material stuff.

I think my biggest challenge is mercy.  Maybe it’s because of the interaction with justice.  When I see a wrong, I am sometimes not quick to show mercy.  On some level, I just hate to see people get away with stuff.  I suppose that’s not really the issue with mercy.  After all, God shows mercy to all of us even when we have a pretty bad track record.

All in all, living these three phrases is an ongoing challenge for me.  Maybe it is for you too.  Consciously trying to do this makes for some pretty intense internal struggles.  What about you?