A Quiet Place to Journey with Christ

Come to the Sanctuary, a place set apart for inner peace and sacred space as you journey with Christ. Explore the secret garden where you can find rest in the sweet aroma of Jesus. Drop in for a quiet stop along your sometimes stressed and anxious path. Refresh your spiritual self in silent moments with God. In the Sanctuary, you can be still and know God.

Here you will find quiet for prayer as you visit the hidden chambers of your soul. The Sanctuary offers safety to grow, question, and ponder hidden truth. Listen to God’s whispers as you escape the loud and hustling life that surrounds your everyday world. Affirm and be affirmed with gentle words that ascend on the wind of the Spirit.

Hi – I’m Lisa

As an Christian devotional author, I offer sacred space where spiritual seekers are able to reflect on their journey. Let’s walk together toward God’s loving embrace.

Let’s explore the Sanctuary! Discover a place of rest, peace, and renewal. Find sacred space to grow, question, and journey deeper with Christ. Learn to savor silent moments with God.

Lisa’s Books

May they guide you to places of healing and hope on your spiritual quest and refresh your soul as you walk along the path with Jesus.

Enfolded in God’s Arms: 40 Reflections to Embrace Your Inner Healing
On a Quest for Christ: Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey

The Sanctuary Garden Blog

Simple reflections and inspirational memes to help you blossom and grow spiritually. What are your thoughts and feelings about the journey? Let’s talk together about the challenges and joys!

“I went to a quiet place hoping to meet God.
But God was already there, waiting just for me.”

Inspiration for Today

Let yourself be challenged by these short articles which are drawn from everyday life. You might even see yourself setting new priorities and rediscovering Jesus at the center of your soul.

Sacred Lives

Do you hear the voices of the earliest believers calling you? Though centuries separate us, their sacred lives have much to teach about Christian spiritual growth, even in today’s world.

Meet Lisa

Welcome to to the mountains of Colorado – perhaps an unlikely location for the One Woman Sanctuary. Or maybe not!

Where is your journey taking you? Perhaps up some steep hills. Or down into a low valley. Or maybe you’re just not sure.

I can relate. In my life the highs of achieving lofty goals are counterbalanced by slogging through tough personal issues. Either way, I’m not alone – and neither are you.

I’m delighted to meet you. It is my wish that we walk hand in hand into the sanctuary. Let us find peace, hope, and love within this sacred space.